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After School Daycare

When you're a working parent in San Jose, CA, coordinating your schedule with your child's schedule can be tricky! You want to make sure that they have great care before and after school, but you can't be there with them at those times since you are working to support your family. Fortunately, Parvin Daycare is here to provide an excellent solution for you. If you have been looking for an after-school daycare that is both enjoyable and educational, we know that you will be pleased with our program. We know that kids need to relax after a long day of school, but we also believe that it is important for them to keep learning. The Parvin Daycare team has worked hard to develop a schedule that is just the right blend of learning and fun. After all, we know that you can learn while you are having fun, so we do both at the same time as much as possible! We also understand that it's important to find a 'daycare near me’ that is reliable, so we offer flexible schedules to meet the needs of today's working parents.

If you have been searching online for a ‘daycare near me’ that is conveniently located in San Jose CA, Parvin Daycare is just what you have been looking for. We would love to connect you with some of our current parents who can tell you how pleased they are with our services, and we would also like to show you our facility. Whether you need full-time care for your little one or you are searching for the best after-school daycare in the area, our staff members would be happy to speak with you about your needs and our current availability. Call Parvin Daycare today to find out more!

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