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Experienced Daycare Staff

As a parent, you certainly do not want to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your children. They are your heart and soul, and you wish you could be with them all the time. However, you also have the responsibilities of work that need to be handled. When your child cannot be with you, having them cared for by experienced daycare staff is one of the next best things. At Parvin Daycare, we offer a family-oriented atmosphere that is supportive and nurturing. Our daycare and preschool are staffed by some of the best childcare providers in San Jose, CA. We have worked hard to assemble this team because your children deserve the best. 

We know that there are other facilities that you can choose here in San Jose, CA, but we believe that the high quality of our staff is what sets us apart from many of your other options. When your child attends Parvin Daycare, we treat them just like one of our family members. It is so rewarding to watch these little ones grow, learn, and mature, and our experienced daycare staff knows exactly how to handle children with various personalities, interests, and learning styles. Your child is not just a number, and she will receive personal, loving attention and care here at Parvin Daycare. We maintain strict teacher and student ratios to ensure that each child gets the individual attention necessary to grow and thrive.

It's helpful to learn about each daycare and preschool by searching online, but there is nothing like seeing a place and meeting the staff members in person. We would like to give you a personal invitation to visit our daycare and preschool to see why parents are so thrilled about how their children spend their days here at Parvin Daycare.

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