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Toddler Care

Your baby is your treasure. You carried her in your womb for nine months, so it's hard to think of having to spend time apart. The newborn days are precious, but many parents will eventually have to return to their regular routines. When you are thinking about who is going to care for your precious baby here in San Jose, CA, we want to remind you that it's OK to be picky! Your child depends on you to be her advocate, and you should feel empowered to ask plenty of questions and inspect our facility before you turn to us for your 'infant care near me' needs. That is why we welcome parent visits and questions here at Parvin Daycare. As a family owned and operated toddler care provider, we strongly believe that nothing is more important than family. Your child needs to form a strong family and caregiver bonds during her early years to be able to develop healthy relationships throughout her life. By hiring loving caregivers and holding our staff and our facility to the highest standards, we allow you to give your child the best start in life here at Parvin Daycare.

We talk with a lot of parents from San Jose, CA, and other parts of our area, and we love having the opportunity to tell them all what makes Parvin Daycare special. When you are searching for 'infant care near me' you want a program that is nurturing and loving. We engage each baby in our care in age-appropriate activities to help them grow and learn in a safe and secure environment. As children grow and start to become more independent, we keep them engaged in our fabulous toddler care program. This program is designed to prepare your child for their school-age years with a strong focus on brain development, exercise, and pre-reading and math skills.

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